Video display capabilities seem to change daily.  Brighter, smaller projectors, higher resolution displays and scan rates.  Formats from VHS to DVD, standards from LCD, DPI, HDTV, to (insert latest acrinim) often must all work together.  Just keeping up with the advantages and disadvantages of the evolving technologies is a full time job.  It is our full time job. 

We constantly evaluate emerging projection and display technologies.  We also have experience going back to 1/2 inch open reel video recorders and AquaStar projectors.  We can give you a qualified, honest opinion of all of the options available to you. 


Whether the application is documentation, broadcast, or observing attendees in an exhibit area,  LocalTech can provide precisely what is called for. From the latest in three chip digital to tried and true tubes. We stock everything from Sony D-30 to Elmo Vidicon. Long throw lenses allow us to see the sweat forming on the executive at the podium's forehead from the back of the room, avoiding the destruction of sight lines. Special mounts developed by resident video freaks allow us to put cameras on everything from scaffolding and truss to a motorcycle's rear suspension. You want perspective?  We can help you get it.

ENG packages are ready to go on a moments notice. Need a Camera Operator with a Sony D-35/DV-Cam combo on his shoulder and an assistant holding a shotgun at the end of a fishpole? We have them. How about a small Hi-8mm HandyCam to collect footage on a trade show floor. We have that, too.

See our Camera Rental Price List for a complete listing of camera equipment available for rental from LocalTech.

Documentation and Reproduction

VHS, S-Video, Hi-8mm, Beta SP, DV-Cam, Digital Beta, DVI, MPEG, DVD, HDTV, Film.  It all works. What's appropriate?   We can help you decide and then provide the hardware, media, and knowledge necessary to use it effectively. 

See our Video Recorders & Players Price List for a complete listing of rental equipment


Need to show both video and multiple computer sources to a large group of people? Getting the best performance from a projector or plasma screen requires that the signals that arrive to it are handled in an appropriate way. NTSC, PAL, VGA, XVGA, Component, DVI, HDTV, each one evokes many considerations. Obvious concerns like scan rates, bandwidth, and horizontal resolution, and more subtle things like apparent white levels, weak sync from a VHS, and source switching times. Depending on your requirements, we can design and provide a system that will suite the need.  We know how to make the best picture possible.

Large Screen Displays

A 20 ft by 60 ft video image in broad daylight?  Tell us where you want it. Using modular LED Panels, we can create a visual display with just about any aspect ratio that is fully addressable.

LCD and Plasma Screens

Things have come a long way in the past few years. Flat screen technology is now available and a viable alternative to Projection and CRT displays.   We know that in a trade show, floor space is very expensive real estate. This new technology can help minimize that loss. 


Projection Technology is advancing on several fronts. Many options are now available. As daily rental rates for a projector run from $250 to $2500, it is important to choose a one that satisfies both the need and the budget.

Thinking about multiple 15 ft by 20 ft high resolution data displays in an Arena? How about a 12 ft by 16 ft rear projected image using only a total of only 18 feet of throw distance (including the projector) for your overbooked, large meeting room.  LocalTech can make it happen.

Please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs and design a system to meet them.