Over the years, our clients have asked us to do some pretty crazy things. (For example: changing the direction of a complete room set up 30 minutes prior show time.)  If we thought it could be done, we did it.  We learned. You can avoid painful and expensive experiences by taking advantage of our past sufferings.

No Excuses

Failures or insufficient support at a corporate presentation are never acceptable. During an event, you get only one chance to get it right. And generally, when it comes to presenting, executives tend to not anticipate their own needs and are not interested in reasons why you do not have what they want or feel they need.

Cost Containment

We pride ourselves on our ability to assess needs and fill them in a cost effective manner. "Where can we save?" is a question every Producer or Meeting Planner asks or is asked.  Where presentation technology is involved, maintaining balance between economy and comfort requires experience. That experience is available from LocalTech.


Whether the sources are internal or involve outside vendors, communication with those that are providing for your needs is critical.  We are a very effective conduit to everyone supplying technology to your event.

What It Costs To Save

Rates for Technical Directors vary from $55 to $65 per hour, depending on requirements. On-site services requires eight hour minimums. Travel days billed at 1/2 rate. Per diem is $50 per day. Hotel rooms and transportation costs outside the San Francisco Bay Area are the responsibility of the client. (Single room accommodations only, please.)

If it involves knobs, buttons, or wires, please do not hesitate to contact us.