We are accoustomed to handling fragile electronic equipment.  We can receive, store, repackage if necessary, and deliver your vital show materials, demo machines, and support equipment across town or across the planet. 

We know how to prepare for worst cases.  Redundant systems are often strongly recommended and can be fully outfitted for travel, supported, and maintained by our staff.

We can also offer suggestions for modifying or augmenting your equipment or systems for both durability and ease of set up and use.  Rolling cases.   Road boxes.  Emergency kits. Front panel connectors.  Road ready computers.   Anything that will increase comfort and the chances for a successful event.

Every staging situation has unique requirements. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs. We can then provide an estimate of charges.

Save time and effort.  Have less chance for errors and easy repeatability.  Ultimately lower costs.  Better sleep.