Computers have become almost unavoidable. Even those who embrace computer technology are best advised to stay prepared for a wrestling match. While we all enjoy the results of a well put together computer-enhanced presentation, the process and execution can be an experience all by itself. We have become very adept at having a good experience.


We own dozens of computers, and much of the equipment we use incorporates microprocessors. We do not completely trust any of them. We will admit that reliability, capabilities, and ease of use have all increased greatly, but the fact remains that a computer is a system that contains some fragile components that occasionally fail. Through the use of redundant system components, uninterruptable and conditioned power supplies, shipping cases built for war, and constant upgrades, we have achieved both high confidence and an extremely high success rate.


We can provide the latest presentation software, along with computer systems that have been optimized for the tasks required.  Our presentation software specialists can provide experienced assistance in assembling, editing, importing images and graphics, and assuring that everything from background colors to font sizes are appropriate to large screen display. We make sure that what you have to show looks good.


Whether you choose to rent, have us modify or augment your equipment, or take advantage of our complete consulting and show ready systems, you will find everything you need to help guarantee a good experience.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.